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Notice to Medi-Cal Partnership HealthPlan Beneficiaries

September 2013 most Medi-Cal and Healthy Families beneficiaries in the area were automatically enrolled in a managed care health program called Partnership HealthPlan of California (PHC). The following are important updates on how this change impacts you.

It’s Time to Schedule your Annual Wellness Check-up

Partnership HealthPlan, your new Medi-Cal insurance company, requires that new enrollees complete an Initial Health Assessment (IHA) within 120 days of enrollment. The mandatory health assessment consists of two parts, a Preventive Medical Exam & the “Staying Healthy Assessment” questionnaire.

Next Steps:

• Schedule your free Initial Health Assessment with your Primary Care Provider.

• Complete the “Staying Healthy Assessment” form at your appointment

Ensure you were Assigned to the Correct Primary Care Provider!

All Medi-Cal & Healthy Families beneficiaries should have received their new benefits card from Partnership HealthPlan of CA. Please look at your card and make sure you were assigned to the provider of your choice. RRHC received feedback that some patients were assigned to the wrong provider or clinic. It is very important that you notify Partnership HealthPlan of CA of this error immediately in order to ensure that you can continue to receive care from your provider of choice. Call PHC Member Services at

(800) 863-4155.

Patient Services Assistors at Redwoods Rural Health Center are available to assist you

with switching your designated medical provider. Questions call (707) 923-2783.

Redwoods Rural Health Center looks forward to helping you optimize your health!

Phone Numbers:

Medical Clinic: 707 923 2783
Medical Records Fax: 707 923 2543
Dental Clinic: 707 923 4313
Dental Fax: 707 923 2590
Behavioral Clinic: 707 923 2783
Alderpoint Clinic: 707 926 1070
Alderpoint Fax: 707 926 1017

Mailing Address:

Redwoods Rural Health Center, Inc.
101 West Coast Road
PO Box 769 Redway, CA 95560


Medical Clinic

The Medical Department hours:
8:00 - 5:30 Monday - Friday

Walk-in and same day appointments available and new patients are welcome.

** Medical Providers are here to answer your questions before or after normal business hours. Call RRHC's phone number (707) 923-2783 and you'll be connected with the on-call provider.

Dental Clinic

The Dental Department hours:
8:00 - 5:30 Monday - Friday


Behavioral Health

Counselors are available Monday - Friday. Walk-in patients are accepted but appointments are highly recommended.


Acupuncture services available on Wednesdays. Some walk-in patients are accepted but appointments are highly recommended.

Nutritional Education

Nutrition education services available on Mondays and Thursdays. Some walk-in patients are accepted but appointments are highly recommended.


Join RRHC’s Team: Full-time Medical Front Desk/Eligibility Assistant

Seeking a full-time Medical Front Desk/Eligibility Assistant to join our fast-paced and friendly health center. Qualified applicants must be customer service oriented and possess excellent phone, computer and general office skills. Spanish-speaking and knowledge of public assistance programs preferred.

You can also apply in-person at Redwoods Rural Health Center, 101 West Coast Rd., Redway, CA or contact Tawnya Carr at 923-2783.

RRHC is an E.O.E. and offers a four-day work week with competitive salary and benefits.

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Mission Statement

The purpose of Redwoods Rural Health Center is to provide responsive, preventive, high quality primary health care services, through a variety of healing disciplines, to all people without regard to social or economic status. We emphasize the client’s right and responsibility to participate in his or her own health care decisions. It is our hope that the clinic be a place where the needs of the whole person are met--body, mind, and spirit.

Vision Statement

We envision the clinic as a place where the needs of the whole person are met: body, mind, and spirit; thereby improving the health of our entire community.

Redwoods Rural Health Center serves the entire community by providing excellent, client-responsive healthcare, drawing upon traditional and nontraditional modalities. Our practice is holistic, interdisciplinary, and seeks to identify and heal root causes of illness, using the best tools available. We achieve our vision through financial and operational stability, proactive governing policies, respect for core values, and an outcomes-based system of accountability while retaining highly qualified staff and board within a respectful and inclusive environment. RRHC acts as a leader in developing consciousness of good health through advocacy, outreach, and innovative partnerships within our community.


In the early 1970’s a handful of friends & neighbors living in the hills of Southern Humboldt started talking to each other about the need for health care that would work for them.

In this founding group were midwives & young parents seeking support for the growing home birth movement. There were people interested in exploring alternative therapies & people who had received  bad or disrespectful treatment at the hands of the doctors they had visited in the cities. Most of these founders were poor; many were on welfare & had experienced discrimination based on their poverty, their apparent counter cultural appearance, or their ethnic or racial status.

The common vision this group had is still expressed in the Mission Statement of Redwoods Rural Health Center--that there be a place where a person could go to get heathcare that was respectful, that was client led, that recognized the validity of a variety of healing modalities, that tried to treat the whole person.

Thanks to some very hard work on the part of these founders, who lobbied hard in Sacramento and worked to understand grants and healthcare funding, Redwoods Rural came into official being as a rural health center in early 1976.

The clinic’s first locale was a sort of hole in the wall storefront on Briceland Road. By 1977 Redwoods Rural rented the more spacious mainstreet storefront next to the laundromat. At first there wasn’t even a doc on staff, but in time Irv Tessler was hired. In the early days everyone on staff, from the janitor up to the medical director, received the same hourly pay. After an interlude in which building out in Ruby Valley was considered and dismissed, the land on Westcoast Road in Redway was bought & the medical clinic built, with the dental building following sometime in the late 1980’s. In the mid 1990s a satellite clinic opened in Alderpoint.

Throughout these decades, Redwoods Rural has drawn to it some remarkable talents and very dedicated hearts. From the beginning, the health center was committed to a vision of healthcare that included ancient and new ways of healing. During these decades  RRHC has seen this cutting edge vision become the accepted standard even in medically conservative circles as more and more insurance companies and doctor’s groups recognize complementary therapies as effective and cost effective means of healing. With the completion of the second building, Dental Services were added to the mix of care; many adults and children who would otherwise not have been able to have even basic dental care have smiles that attest to the skill and care of the RRHC dental staff.

Providing healthcare to a small, diverse, rural community Redwoods Rural has faced many challenges. With a commitment to seeing that the entire community is cared for, RRHC has often faced cashflow difficulties due to the rising amount of uncompensated care and the difference between what the health center costs are versus what the health center is paid. There have been crises of staffing and challenges to our mission. In times of challenges the health center is always dependent upon the support and passion of this grassroots community to carry it through and keep it supplying the sort of responsive, community centered, respectful healthcare  for which it was founded.

Redwoods Rural Health Center is a unique community clinic in that the board of directors is elected by a membership to which it must be responsive. Within the state of California most health centers function with appointed boards. Redwoods Rural has believed that its elected board gives the center a strength and immediate responsiveness to community needs. Anyone may become a member of RRHC. All are invited to join, to ensure that the caring, audacious vision that started this health center continues for many decades to come.