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The Redwoods Rural Board of Directors typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month . The meeting is structured to accommodate the personal and professional lives of Redwoods Rural's volunteer Board.

The regular monthly Board meeting begins immediately after the Finance Committee or 3:30 pm. Board members meet to review the Center's performance and make policy decisions regarding the Center's direction and operations. The Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer make reports to the Board regarding the Health Center's progress. Division directors reports are included in the Board packets and make presentations to the Board when requested.

The Health Center's staff, membership and general public are invited to attend the monthly Board meeting. Public comment and input is welcomed by the Health Center. Each monthly agenda provides time for anyone to share information with the Board.

The average meeting time is one and a half hours to two hours. Times and days may change from time to time.

For more information please call the Health Center at 923-2783

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