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Nutritional education

The Licensed, certified and experienced team at Redwoods Rural Health Center Provides responsive, preventive, high quality primary health care services to our community regardless of social or economic status.

Nutrition is provided at Redwoods Rural Health Center on Monday and Tuesday. Established patients at RRHC get this service free of charge through a resource program.

Gina Paine, Nutrition Consultant and Life Style Educator has been at the center for the past 7 years. Her approach is through long term plan that promotes understanding and willingness to apply change. There is collaboration between your regular provider to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal. The continued support that is offered through this type of program will ensure success for those interested in improving their overall health outcomes.

Gina comes to you with experience in both Western and Eastern medicine knowledge that is tied into the nutrition recommendations that are given to each client. Gina can provide a simple get healthy plan or a more in-depth plan that can help with managing Diabetes and blood sugar regulation, endocrine system and thyroid specifics, liver function and detoxification; gastrointestinal health such as leaky gut syndrome, IBS and general dys-biosis, cardiovascular support especially high blood pressure and cholesterol reduction, immune function and cancer treatments and much more.

It has been proven when patients take an active roll in their condition or illness they improve the overall outcome.

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