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School-Based Services

*postponed due to the pandemic


  • physicals

  • immunizations 

  • treatment of minor illness and injury

  • pregnancy tests 

  • sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment 

  • family planning exams

  • prescriptions

Mental Health

  • prevention

  • early intervention

  • treatment

  • referrals.

Typical issues include: depression, anxiety, stress, family and relationship issues, and planning for the future


Counseling for nutrition, special diets for weight gain/loss, and other special dietary needs.

Dental Van_edited.jpg


Students and parents will not be charged for nutrition education services received in school-based clinics.  For all other services, insurance companies, including Medi-Cal and Partnership, are billed when possible and families are offered a sliding fee discount program to help lower the cost of co-pays.


Utilizing RRHC’s state of the art dental van, RRHC will provide exams, cleanings, fluoride varnish, sealants and the full scope of restorative dental services.


Students must complete a new patient packet (if not seen at RRHC within the last 12 months) and have a RRHC consent form on file at the clinic.  If you do not, please stop in and pick one up, or download below. 


California law requires a parent or guardian signature for all students under 18 years old to receive health care services.  Exceptions include:

  • Minors living independently

  • Services related to pregnancy

  • Pregnancy prevention

  • Sexually transmitted disease

  • Alcohol or other chemical abuse

  • Medical/mental health emergencies.


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