Prescription Medications 

Garberville Pharmacy opens June 22, 2021! 

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If you would like to begin the process of transferring your prescriptions to Garberville Pharmacy, please fill out the form at:

Refill Requests 

Patients should call the pharmacy first to request a refill. Pharmacy will forward this request to your RRHC provider for review and approval.  Upon approval, pharmacy will fill the medication. Please note, RRHC providers have 72 hours to review and approve refill requests. Please make sure to allow sufficient time. Unless otherwise told by the provider, refill requests usually do not require an appointment.

For patients prescribed schedule 2 medications, RRHC will try to refill medications electronically, if the pharmacy allows. 


Prescription delivery program 

Redwoods Rural offers prescription delivery to all RRHC patients. Medications are filled at Palco's and Lima's and delivered weekly to Redwoods Rural here in Redway. They can be picked up at RRHC clinic during regular business hours. 

  • Palco's delivers on Tuesdays and Thursdays (707-764-3591).

  • Lima's delivers on Tuesdays and Fridays (707-441-8500). 

During COVID-19 pandemic, we further offer curbside delivery of prescription medications. Please call us upon arrival, and one of our staff members will bring the medication to your vehicle. 

To sign up for our Prescription Delivery Program, please speak to your Medical Assistant (MA) at 707-923-2783. 

340B Prescription Discount Program


340B Program is a federally funded program that requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient medications to eligible health care organizations such as ours at significantly reduced prices. The 340B medication discount is available to all Redwoods Rural Patients regardless of income, or insurance status. 

Pharmacies that participate in our 340B program are:

  1. Lima’s  (Eureka)

  2. Green’s (Fortuna)

  3. Walgreens (Eureka, Broadway St., and Fortuna)

  4. CVS (Arcata, Eureka on Myrtle and Harris st., Ukiah) - NEW

  5. Rite Aid (Fortuna) - NEW

  6. Palco (Soctia)

Many of us have been affected financially during this pandemic, and 340B program may help you get your medications at a steep discount. Please reach out to Lori Ford, our 340B Program Manager at 707-923-2783, ext. 1350 regarding the 340B program. Lori will work with you, your provider and your pharmacy, to see how this program can help!


*To participate in the 340B program, you must be a patient of Redwoods Rural, and must be seen by a provider at a minimum of once every 12 months.